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What you can find on this page...

  • Exterior protection detail
  • Interior protection detail
  • Exterior protection detail with ceramic coatings
  • Convertible / fabric roof protection
With so many different types of protection products and options on the market, it can be difficult to choose what to apply to your vehicle. At LuxuryDetail we make this decision much easier. We only deal with two types, carnauba wax protection or ceramic coatings, please read below for all the details.

 Exterior Protection Package

Time required: 1 day (Depending on vehicle size and condition)

Prices begin at £250.00 (exterior only)  All vehicles are inspected prior to any work being carried out, this enables us to provide an accurate quotation.

Please note - If you would like a ceramic coating applied instead of carnauba wax please let us know and we can discuss this further.

Expected durabilty of the carnauba wax package - between 6-8 months providing our advice on how to care for the vehicle after treatment are followed.

The process: Exterior
  • Alloy wheels thoroughly cleaned front to back using a PH neutral cleaner
  • Wheel arches & tyres cleaned
  • Door / tailgate shuts, fuel cap area & every seam, join & crevice thoroughly cleaned with soft      detailing brushes
  • A PH neutral snowfoam cleaner is then applied to help emulsify and loosen dirt
  • Thorough rinse to remove as much dirt as possible before touching the vehicle by hand
  • Extensive & meticulous wash process using the two bucket method with soft & wash mitts
  • Tar, fallout & iron contamination safely removed (including wheels)
  • Paintwork further decontaminated using a clay bar to remove any other embedded contaminants
  • Vehicle slow rinsed and dried with ultra soft microfibre drying towels
  • Blown dry with warm air to remove trapped water from all crevices
  • Paintwork cleansed by hand to prepare the paintwork for the protection application
  • All exterior painted surfaces protected with a carnauba wax applied via a soft foam pad
  • Plastic and rubber surfaces dressed and protected
  • Exhaust tips if on show are polished and protected
  • Glass cleaned internally, externally & protected

Additional 'bolt on' options and upgrades

  • Gtechniq alloy wheel ceramic protection - wheels removed - £130.00 / wheels to stay on vehicle £65.00
  • Soft top / fabric roof protection using Gtechniq products - £120.00
  • External plastic trim protection using Gtechniq products - £55.00
  • External glass surface protection using Gtechniq products - £35.00

            Should your vehicle have a fabric soft top, this can be cleaned and protected at the additional cost of £95.00


Interior protection package

We can also fully protect your interior fabrics and plastic/leather surfaces from spillages such as water and fizzy drinks

Time required:  - 1 day - depending on interior condition

Prices begin at £140.00

This package also includes our full interior valet

We will apply a nano coating to all fabric surfaces, features and benefits include:

- Wine, coffee, water, fizzy drinks etc will not stain the fabric

- Each fibre is coated individually for maximum protection

- Lasts upto 3 years!

- The texture of the fabric remains unchanged allowing it to breathe

Should you have a leather interior, we can also protect this too

Your vehicle will also receive our full interior valet package

                   Exterior Protection Package
(option 3)

Ceramic coatings (nanotechnology)

Ceramic coatings are the very latest and are classed as the pinnicle of paintwork, glass and plastic trim protection. We can apply these coatings to your vehicle, these coatings chemically bond to your vehicles painted surface, not by laying on top, but by becoming it, these then become the new rock hard surface of your vehicles painted surfaces.
Having your pride and joy protected in these coatings gives the paint an unbeatable resistance to UV, dirt and water. The vehicle is easier to clean and maintain, they can also provide extra resistance to marring.

The features and benefits of applying a ceramic coating:
  • Unbelievably long-lasting protection against the elements such as UV damage, dirt and water.
  • Lasts up to 10 times longer than dealership applied products
  • Uses nanotechnology
  • Forms an ultra strong chemical bond with the surface of the paintwork
  • Forms an ultra hard sub-micron crystalline film inhibiting scratches and swirls
  • The coating becomes the functional surface of your cars paintwork
  • Incredible gloss levels

Please note: Once the coating has been applied it is imperative that the vehicle remain undercover and out of wet/damp conditions for at least 12 hours after application, this is to give the coating time to correctly bond with the surface without being interupted by rain water or other contamination.

Expected durability of this package: 18 - 24 months

Time required: This will be discussed with you when inspecting the vehicle as this depends on how much correction work is required before the ceramic coating application.

Price: Quotation given upon inspection of vehicle.

Convertible fabric roof protection

Take a look at the short video below to see our protective coatings in action on this fabric roof

Over time you may begin to notice your fabric roof looking a little worse for wear. Green mold, bird droppings and sap are all common contamination problems your roof can face. Our thorough fabric roof deep clean and protect will leave your roof fresh and well protected from the elements for a considerable amount of time ahead.

A little more about the protection we apply:

The protection product we use is exceptionally hydrophobic, your fabric roof once cleaned and thoroughly dry will be coated in this product leaving it comprehensively protected from the elements, water will effortlessly 'bead' and run off the fabic, (see the video above) the coating will last for upto 3 years!

Time required: 2 - 5 hours

Price - £120.00 (depending on vehicle location)

The process:

  • Fabric roof extensively and safely deep cleaned and thoroughly dried
  • Our amazing hydrophobic protective roof treatment is then applied
  • The vehicle's exterior is then cleaned to remove any residue caused by the roof cleaning process