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Professional stone chip repair and reduction

LuxuryDetail are Chipex® authorised applicators. This means that we have been given full permission to apply this Company's products to our clients vehicles.

A revolutionary car paint touch-up system, Chipex® outperforms all other touch-up paints. Traditional touch-up paint cannot achieve a repair as seamless as this and with a 100% guarantee paint colour match.

Chipex® was launched in 2009 so as to provide a fast, very effective and safe solution to repair paint damage to vehicles to a high standard, without the time and expense of going to a body shop. The main objective was to make a product that gave a superior finish compared to that of the conventional touch up paints.

Following its launch Chipex® has supplied thousands of kits worldwide to trade customers and is now proud to have received TUV Certification on the products effectiveness.

The Chipex guarantee

  • 100% Colour-match guarantee
  • Treats stone chips & scratches
  • Enhances vehicle resale value
  • Prevents rusting

LuxuryDetail can not only valet and detail your vehicle, we can repair those unsightly chips to really bring your car back to life. Contact us using the form in the 'Contact Us' section to arrange your vehicle's inspection and quotation, alternatively why not give us a call on 077637 91916

Prices vary depending on how severe the damge is, how many chips there are to repair and client location, if it is a case of road rash, and there are simply too many chips too repair, we will recommend a bodyshop that we know personally and trust who can carry out a respray of the affected area.

Paint cost: £25.00