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Brake caliper and hub refurbishment

We have been carrying out brake caliper and hub refurbishments on our clients vehicles for some time now without us actually announcing this as a service we offer, due to very popular demand this has now become the latest package that is available from us.

Why have your calipers and hubs painted?

Brake calipers are simply the carriers for the brake pads that hold them to the disks, and the hubs are what the alloy wheels bolt on to. Having these professionally prepared and repainted in your chosen colour dramatically enhances the appearance of the vehicle and look fantastic behind any design alloy wheels.

What are my colour choices?

Below are the colours you can choose from for your calipers, for the hubs we recommend either black or silver for that factory finish.

Time required: 1 full day, collection of the vehicle can be arranged for the next day, to ensure the paint is dry before driving.

Cost: £160.00 (including chosen paint colour)

The paint we use is very hard wearing, it will not chip, crack or fade